Fee Schedule

Annual Administration Fee

$150 - First Account
$75 - Second Account in Annuitant’s Name *

* Discount does not apply to Tax Free Savings Accounts (TFSA), Individual, Corporate and/or Joint Accounts.

The Annual Administration Fee is charged immediately upon the opening of an account and is prorated to half price for accounts opened July 1st or later each year. The full Annual Administration Fee will then be charged on January 1st of each year thereafter.

Exempt Market Security Fees

$75 - Purchase or Exchange of Security (takeover or transfer)
$100 - Contribution In-Kind
$150 - Non-Brokered Private Security Purchase **

** Does not apply if submitted through Olympia Online / Approved Software / Registered Dealer.

Mortgage Fees

$150 - Purchase or Contribution In-Kind
$200 - Transfer In In-Kind
$15 - Monthly Mortgage Fee (per mortgage/per account)
$75 - Additional Advance
$50 - Discharge (Administered Mortgage)
$75 - Discharge (Standard Mortgage)
$50 - Execution of Documents
$25 - Payment Schedule Change
$25 - Payment of Mortgage Invoice
$25 - Information Statement
$50 - Renewal

Publicly Traded Securities

$50 - Administration Fee (per Trade, plus applicable brokerage commissions and charges)
$100 - Contribution In-Kind


$75 - Partial Withdrawal or Transfer-Out In-Cash
$100 - Partial Withdrawal or Transfer-Out In-Kind
$250 - Full Withdrawal or Transfer-Out

Income Fund Fees

$50 - Unscheduled Income Fund Payment – In-Cash
$75 - Income Fund Payment – In-Kind

Other Fees

$25 - Document Processing Fee (Account Opening and EMS Purchase submitted via email, fax, or mail) ***
$20 - Cheque Processing Fee (per deposit/per investment/per account) ****
$10 - Mailing Fee
$50 - Account Research (per request)
$25 - Issuance of Cheque
$50 - Returned Item/NSF Transaction
$125 - Tax Deduction Waiver
$150 - Estate Settlement (per account)

*** Does not apply if submitted through Olympia Online / Approved Software.
****Does not apply to contributions and fee payments made by cheque.

Olympia Trust Company reserves the right to recover all out‐of‐pocket expenses. Any miscellaneous fees for services provided by third parties will be charged at cost. Olympia Trust Company may assess fees for extraordinary services not outlined in this schedule.

Pursuant to your account agreement, you agree to pay Olympia Trust Company annual fees and transaction fees in exchange for providing services in connection with your Self‐Directed account. With the exception of the annual administration fee, all other fees are charged when the transaction is processed.

A late payment charge of 2% per month will apply to any overdraft amounts not paid by March 15th of each year.

All fees are subject to applicable taxes.