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Olympia Trust Company is a non-deposit taking trust company providing Self-Directed Accounts to Canadian Investors. Like you, we are committed to the advancement of the Private Markets and Private Lending Industry and advocate for the integrity in all aspects of our business.

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Maintaining your Self-Directed Accounts just got easier! Olympia Mobile offers you instant access to inclusive account details, and transaction information while guaranteeing you’re treated to a peak user experience.

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The Olympia Experience

We’re defined by our commitment to unwavering client service and dedicated expertise in the Self-Directed Investment Industry. We pride ourselves on maintaining a leading position in understanding legislation, policies and regulations that govern the Exempt Market of Canada. We understand your diverse client needs and invest heavily in the ongoing development of our team, as well as advances within technology, resulting in an unparalleled experience.

Investment Options

Our role is to act as an unbiased administrator and efficiently manage your transactions. We do not offer or promote any investment offerings, meaning the investment decisions are left to you and your client.

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Self-Directed Accounts

Our Self-Directed Accounts allow clients to hold a multitude of qualified investments. These include Exempt Market Securities (Private Mutual Fund Trust Units / Private Corporate Debt Securities / Private Company Shares – CCPCs / Mortgage Investment Corporation Shares - MICs), Arms-Length Mortgages, Mutual Funds and Publicly Traded Securities. Our Self-Directed Platform gives the client control of their investment decisions.

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