Customer Dispute Resolution Policy


Serving You Better

At Olympia Trust Company (“Olympia”), we understand that as a customer you expect your requests to be handled in a prompt and fair manner. Olympia acknowledges that sometimes we do not meet the standards expected of us by our customers and have adopted this Customer Dispute Resolution Policy in order to better serve our customers.

Easy and Straightforward

Every customer concern that Olympia receives undergoes an in-depth examination in order to ensure that it is resolved in a prompt and fair manner. Here is an overview of the steps involved:

First: If you have a concern about one of our products or services, you should start by contacting the individual you normally deal with at Olympia.

Second: If you are not satisfied with the response provided to you by the individual you normally deal with at Olympia, please request to have your concern reviewed by the individual’s senior manager. A senior manager or vice-president will then contact you to discuss your concern and how it may be resolved.

Third: If after the first and second steps your concern still has not been resolved, Olympia invites you to submit your concern in writing to Olympia’s Dispute Resolution Officer. To do so, in writing, please explain the nature of your concern and how you would like to see your concern resolved and submit your concern to the Dispute Resolution Officer by email, mail or courier at:

Olympia Trust Company
4000, 520 – 3rd Ave SW
Calgary, AB T2P 0R3
Attention: Dispute Resolution Officer

Role of the Dispute Resolution Officer

The role of Olympia’s Dispute Resolution Officer is to act independently and to objectively investigate your concern and explore all options that could reasonably lead to a satisfactory resolution of your concern.

Upon receiving your written concern, Olympia’s Dispute Resolution Officer will open a file and send you an acknowledgement of receipt. Your concern will then be handled within 30 calendar days of receipt of all of the documents or information required to examine your concern.

Personnel from different Olympia departments may be called upon to assist the Dispute Resolution Officer in carrying out a full examination of your concern. If, upon completing the examination, the Dispute Resolution Officer upholds the initial decision, an explanation of the decision-making process and the steps taken to arrive at this decision will be provided. If the Dispute Resolution Officer decides that your concern is justified, appropriate action will be taken to resolve your concern.

In both cases, you will be notified in writing of the final decision made by the Dispute Resolution Officer.